Tayler Hills

I have just come across this cutie Tayler Hills and I had to share her with you guys. This beauty will pitch a tent in your pants instantly that can be assured. I have to say that Tayler is just built differently than most girls and is probably now one of my favorite Girls to follow on Twitter. This girl has curves for days and days and I’m so glad because I’m hooked on here and I know you guys will be. She does have 320k followers on Twitter so I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to find her. I’m so happy I have lads and so will you. She might be giving Yasmin Lopez Phat Ass a run for its money.

Tayler Hills Onlyfans

So yes guys she does have an onlyfans and right now it’s FREE to Subscribe. So I subbed to her and of course, the welcome message was upselling a sex tape. Straight off the bat, you know this girl has sex tapes she will be upselling you to you. Right now there isn’t much content 50 pictures and a few videos that range from 4 to 15 seconds. The sex tape offered to me on sign-up for $18 is 4:35 minutes long so a lot better. Personally, I would love a sex tape to be longer and a good fuck session.

So Tayler onlyfans is built around upselling the same videos and probably custom content, Which is probably the best route for Tayler. A lot of guys that love big Phat Bums are very specific about the type of content they enjoy. It makes sense for her to create content for what people actually one. Yes, would I want to see her reverse cowboy a big dick and watch that phat ass bounce like no tomorrow, yes of course.

Best Tayler Pictures

These pictures are from Tayler’s Twitter I would suggest you give her a follow because there is a reason she already has 320k followers in a short time frame. I know you will be addicted to her Phat Ass and I can’t blame you.