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I can’t believe that I have just found Foopahh Onlyfans account and her Twitter. I’ve just found my future she doesn’t know it yet. I feel like I’ve hit gold for us all and anyone who knew about her but kept her a secret your bad for not sharing. While it cost $20 to join you do get a lot of content. There are almost 1k pictures but this is one of the better Onlyfans I’ve seen with 468 videos as of today. That’s a huge amount of content for the price. Also, dick rating is free if you subscribe for 3 months.

Lads don’t be wanking so hard over my future wife, please. There are levels to the only fans game and keeping so many subs happy and I think Foopahh (Trixie) does that and really looks after you. All her solo and fucking videos are a nice length of 8 to 11 minutes worth of hot sexual content. She used to stream on twitch but hasn’t in the last 2 months so no idea if she will again. She looks to have a very fun personality going from her Twitter videos.

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Her Twitter gives you more leaks than you ever need. The rewards of being subbed are amazing anyway. You get 2 solo and 2 boy girl fucking videos for free. None of this $50 extra per extra video. I personally think this is a great deal a free naughty video once a week to wank to. This girl doesn’t do shit 20-second videos all her boy/girl videos are 8 to 11 minutes long. Amazing I wish more girls would follow this and give value to her subs. Forget the leaked content just sign up.

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